Turtle Grass: a series of shadows

by Irene Koronas

Irene Koronas has a fine arts degree from Mass College of Art in Boston, MA. She is a multi-media artist working with paint, collage, mono-printing, artists books, poetry and photography. She is poetry editor for Wilderness House Literary Review. Her poetry has appeared in journals, magazines, and online zines. Her poetry is in eight anthologies, and she has two full length books, self portrait drawn from many (Ibbetson Street Press), pentakomo cyprus (Červená Barva Press) and two chapbooks, Emily Dickinson (Propaganda Press) and Zero Boundaries (Červená Barva Press).


Experimental, intelligent, and environmental, turtle grass, a series of shadows, is Irene Koronas’ third full length book of poems. Her language resonates, melts into the past and jointly falls forward. Her verse includes traditional form, informational writings on nature, and romantic musing; she remains true to her own style, eclectic. She is a well known local poet and painter, a Mass College of Art, graduate.


The poems stroke the page with pigments; like green field paintings, poems float across the pages. Grass is an ordinary plant, it grows everywhere, from high ranges to dry land. Grasses are so common, often overlooked by pedestrian and poet. The poems stem from this ordinariness.


Her experiments are found in the direct use of descriptions, definition as poetry. Personal experiences blend with the tender shoots, underwater broad-blade grass, and flat grasses. The poems grow from a nurtured environment, and sing from an inner verse.

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Pleasure Trout

by Gloria Mindock

Copyright © 2013 by Gloria Mindock
Muddy River Books
Brookline MA
Softbound, 42 pages, $7.00

“I'm a strange woman-
You can see this from my scratched heart”

Pleasure Trout presents the fanciful seriousness poetry
often offers in an age of crisis. Mindock knows how to
place words in verse. Each poem adds humor and seriousness
just as surrealism and the Dadaist did:

“Chances are I'm slender and
love great atoms and marble
men anointed with
a diaphragm that mixes
itself with bronze...”

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Eating Grief at 3 A.M.

by Doug Holder

Copyright © 2013 by Doug Holder

Muddy River Books
Brookline MA
Paperback, 34 pages, $7.00

“There is a sad, sweet nostalgia in Holder’s Eating Grief at 3 AM, a sense of loss and sadness for the places and the people who were a part of those scenes: the hunchback, the Tennessee Williams’ half lost blondes, the turbaned men and the discarded move nostalgically through life. Yet Holder finds something almost like beauty or knowledge in the abandoned warehouses with weeds crawling to the roof. He imagines when Mrs. Plant, an old art teacher, was an enigmatic young woman ‘feverishly taking notes about the paintings, a love note stuffed in a pocket of her winter coat.’ There are always dreams, even if never fulfilled. There is so often the sense of time passing, of letting go-- letting go of people, letting go of Harvard Square Theater and the Wursthaus, balms that seemed like they would always be there. And they are and always will be in Holder’s moving poems.”
— Lyn Lifshin, Author of Cold Comfort (Black Sparrow Press)
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